Interest in multimedia storytelling

I love multimedia storytelling because combing audio with still images is extremely powerful.  We all know that a “picture is worth a 1,000 words,” but when we combine that with audio it is priceless.  We are able to give our photos another life when we combine it with audio. Also, it is better to hear someone’s story firsthand then for us to write about him/her. Today our society is very fast paced and relies heavily on technology.  As a viewer, we want more these days and photos sometimes aren’t enough to tell a story: we want to hear it, feel as if we are there, and become part of the story or journey.

We need to take full advantage on the World Wide Web and create not just amazing photos to tell stories, but extraordinary audio to accompany it. I am no longer just a photographer; I need to be multimedia photojournalist.  

I have two multimedia projects on my website if you are interested in viewing my current work, please visit

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