9/11 Memorial

I wanted to document photos, which illustrate the meaning behind 9/11. I decided to attend a 9/11 Memorial in DeWitt, NY for more practice with shooting. These are awkward situations to be taking photos at because often it is a time to be quiet and reflect. I made a choice to wait and try to put myself in an uncomfortable position. I saw this lady was teary eyed and her nose was red. I wanted to document a photo, which illustrate the meaning behind 9/11. At first, I was using a long lens and then decide to use a smaller one, which required me to get more intimate with my subject. This put me in an uncomfortable situation because I was practically in her face. The crowd was silent and all I could hear was the click of my shutter. I know people might have been looking and wondering why I was there. However, as being a journalist I feel it is important to document this emotion and not just show the process of what happened at the ceremony.  I like to create photos that take time to develop and this could be a weakness. I would much rather have a chance to working a situation then just click a frame and run away. Moreover, I failed with this assignment if my goal was to capture a six-image gallery.  I didn’t take all the regular photos that create a sequence of what happened. If I were in the “real world” shooting I wouldn’t have taken the time to explore this image. I would have made sure I got more images of the event itself.

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