Cobblestone Farm & Vineyard



My images only included the relationship between one or two people. I need to take photos that have more than one or two people in them. I have noticed my photos tend to be one-dimensional and need to be strong enough to stand on their own to tell a story. I think this is a weakness in my images and hope to improve this over the course of the semester. I will try to work on this during my next shooting assignment. As for strengths, I attempted to try different angles this time to get a more interesting photo. 

I need to take more of a variety of images when shooting for a daily assignment. Sometimes, I get caught up with finding good images/situations that I might not shoot other things going on. Lastly, I need to learn how to control my flash and not overexpose images. I used my flash on a few of these photos and you can see areas being blown out. For example, the lady’s leg that is stomping the grapes is blown out, but I didn’t know how else to get this image. I wanted to show the inside of the bucket and this was challenging. I tried to use my off camera flash a few times and wasn’t too successful with holding the camera and flash.  

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