Autobiographical Project

I worked on this project for my multimedia storytelling class at Syracuse University.The autobiographical project was extremely challenging because it was about me.  I am used to doing stories about other people but not myself. At first, I had trouble coming up with a good story or topic about me or about how I see things. I picked broad ideas like growing up with all older brothers and my passion for skiing. However, I felt as if these topics didn’t provide a sense of me or something about my feelings. These topics were more sequential and would all be like, “I did this when I was this old and ect.” I felt lost at the beginning because I recorded three different audio stories during the first week. I didn’t have a clear focus and it took awhile to uncover a more abstract topic such as “perfection”, which suited me. Once this idea came, I started to think about a beginning, middle and end. Also, I brainstormed ways to introduce the topic and relate it back to my own life.

The photos were the challenging part of this project. I felt finding ways to express perfection relating to the audio and myself through images was nerve racking. I know some of my images are out of focus but it works for a few of them. However, it was a unique experience to try to set up a tripod and jump in and out of all the photos by using the timer button. I did find it rewarding and refreshing because it allowed me to take time to find interesting photos. In order to take the photos, I had to think more about creating the image and it felt more like an art project. I was able to take my time and create images; I can’t remember when the last time I went out to shoot and felt a sense of calmness and excitement in creating images. It was a different pace of shooting and was a nice break from everyday shooting.

What do you think? Do you like this production?

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