Sunburst Pageant

I really admire Lauren Greenfield’s photography and films she is now currently producing. I find her work very inspirational! Also, she has was able to follow her dreams with photography and still be able to raise two children. She is a great role model because she was able to balance both her photography and family life. 

I found these kids inside a house in Clay, NY getting ready for a beauty pageant. While I was shooting, I thought of Greenfield’s work on the book Girl Culture. This assignment made me realize that extrodoary photography takes lots of practice and patience. Greenfield’s images capture the moments of young girls being influenced by the media and pressures of what is expected of being female. When you think of beauty pageants for children you often think of kids looking older than they should, wearing lots of make-up and parents who might be pushing a child to grow up faster than they should. However, this family didn’t seem too over the top and was entering the pageant for the fun of it. 

My images don’t look as good as Greenfield’s, but with practice and over time, hopefully, they will improve. What are your thoughts?

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