The Fall Workshop

I learned a ton from The Fall Workshop! First, “finding the uncommon view of things around us,” I have started to try and find unique and interesting ways to take photos. I tried to do this at the skateboard shop by taking photos of the kids playing the games through where the tv was located (it didn’t work out but I tried and also worked the room by using a ladder and shooting other interesting views). Second, “hair, eyeballs and teeth,” was another important idea to keep in mind while shooting. Third “seize the moment” and “put yourself out there and find intimacy with your subjects.” This goes back to what we have discussed in class with making an image that connects with the heart and soul. Lastly, I learned more about on location lighting with Tom Sperduto and had lots of fun shooting with him! In the past, I have tried to do things with the Storbist blog and Tom helped put things more in perspective regarding lighting. 


This was a rough weekend for me because all my stories seemed to fall apart all at once. It seemed as though I was never in Clay before this past weekend. I honestly was there five times in the past and my stories didn’t pull together. This was hard for me to accept because I might miss out on this great opportunity to get help from these professionals. However, I tried to stay positive and had to go out on Friday and make images for myself. I didn’t feel as if this weekend was just work and no fun. I had a lot of fun shooting this weekend and think this is an important part of my job and daily life. Photography doesn’t seem like work to me and I enjoy every minute I go out and shoot. I love workshops because they push you out of your comfort zone and inspire you to try something new. 

Here are a few of my images, but I would encourage you to view the website ( for more photos and other photographer’s stories.

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One Response to The Fall Workshop

  1. Tom Sperduto says:


    It was so much learning with you at the Fall workshop!

    Haunted houses are so much fun!

    Great job and happy shooting! 🙂

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