Pictorial Images

I would have to say this has been one of the hardest assignments to photograph. I know it wasn’t supposed to have been stressful, but found it to be. It can be a challenging to make a “pretty” photo here Syracuse, NY. When I went places to take photos of the leaves it seems as though I missed peak season, or the rain caused the leaves to fall faster. My strenghts for this assingment was using a macro lense to help isolate my subject. As for my weakness, not being able to see the beauty in ordinary things I see here all the time. 

I think pictorial images are kind of like spot news, when you need to find it you can’t. When I devoted time to go out and work on this assingment it was muched harder than others because I couldn’t just go to an event. I had to stop and think about where I would find something intresting for this assingment. I could have imporved this assignment if we had worked on these photos a little longer. Also, perhaps if I had a change to travel somewhere else besides the Syracuse area. 

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