Unique Halloween Portraits?!?

This week’s assignment was the illustration of fashion and it scared me at first; I didn’t have an idea or even know what to shoot. I already had Anastasia coming on Friday to shoot her Halloween costume. I then thought about ideas that I could play off of in the studio with a cat costume. One weakness for this assignment is that when working with kids you only have a small period of time to take photos. In fact, my model walked off the set after a few shots were taken and wanted a break! Also, she didn’t even want her photo taken at first so I had to warm her up to the idea of taking her photo in costume. I know working with kids and pets can be difficult when trying to make a good photo, at least the fish was easy to direct! I would have to say my strength for this assignment was my ability to get Anastasia to feel comfortable in the studio.

I learned that photo illustrations could be fun and a time to explore. It gives one a chance to have total control over a situation and allows one to be creative. I really enjoyed shooting this photo once everything came together in the end and I had the image. At first, I was worried about lighting the glass bowl, but after I had a chance to play around with the lights it was okay. 

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