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Every spring, students in the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University collaborate on a special report. This year, students from six courses explored how the economy is affecting 18- to 25-year-olds.

The students’ journalistic journey began with a brainstorming discussion in January with members of the SU campus and the Syracuse community. The goal was to exchange ideas about struggles and challenges facing students and their families in difficult economic times.

The recurring theme that surfaced: People and institutions are reorienting their plans

I documented the life of a 17 year student named Noel Fitzgerald, of Cicero, NY.  Fitzgerald works close to 25-35 hours a week between two jobs while still in high school. Fitzgerald joined the Army because they would pay for her schooling. Also, she believes it is a good choice given the current economy; she doesn’t have to worry about finding a job because the military will guarantee one. Fitzgerald graduates in May and leaves in July to serve three years active and three years reserve.  

She is a very inspirational 17 year old; I give her a lot of credit at her age to have it together to think about the future and the economy.  Check out my story by clicking on the photo above it will bring you to the url link. Thanks!

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