760 miles later…….


I am in Charlotte, NC; I will be here for the summer for a photo internship at The Charlotte Observer. This place is very interesting it is surrounded with big buildings and the city is fairly new! The city has basically demolished all its historic buildings and has become one of the largest banking city. It is also home to NSCAR. This area is also rich in history with many big events happening near by during the civil rights era. It is hard to believe this area was once all farmland and cotton fields. Today, it is a rapid growing metropolitan area with population rising close to 2 million people. It is considered to be the 19th largest city in the United States. 

So far I have took advantage of getting to know the city by where else…..a photography exhibition. How could I pass the opportunity of seeing printing images by Mary Ellen Mark! There were works from other photographers as well but the underlaying theme was “photographers as filmakers” which included: William Klein, Stanley Kubrick, Mary Ellen Mark, Ralph Gibson, Sarah Moon, John Cohen, Emily Hanako Momohara, and Sarah A. Martin.  I found it inspiring to know that out of these eight photographers more than half of them pursed a master’s degree in photography. This provides hope and inspiration that one day perhaps my work might be shown in a gallery too. 

Mary Ellen

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