London Baby!

Finally the photo kids arrive in London minus my roommate Allison who was lost in the airport. 9025_1159055070069_1638542274_409652_1674150_n


My travels to and around London have been adventurous. It’s been 2 weeks since I arrived in London and let me try to catch you all up to speed. My group flight was a nightmare of waiting in lines and dragging luggage everywhere. Apartment searching was tough especially since we wanted a 2-bedroom place.

Apparently in London a 2-bedroom place means living with four people.  The second day here I made lots of calls and had no luck in finding a place.  So the following day, we enlisted help from a Syracuse University student guide named Elliot, a British native.  He acted almost as a “fixer” to help us understand the areas and what people meant. The first few places we looked at were horrible, small and dingy. It looked as though we might have to settle and move into a studio sharing a bed! The school’s suggestions were all based on having at least two to three people in a room; one apartment had 10 students!

Finding a flat was a bit of a challenge. However, I found a great deal on Gumtree (an Internet site like Craigslist here in the UK) to sublet a couple’s house who were leaving to travel. My flat is a little outside of the main hustle of London. I am still located in London in an area called White Chapel; it is also known as Brick Lane, an Indian/Muslim community.  It takes about 40 minutes walking and using the tube to get to school. My friend and I were able to find a place with 2 bedrooms, a large kitchen (a luxury here in London), a small balcony, a nice size living room and fully furnished for a little outside our budget. The only drawback was that the couple left the house really dirty. Apparently people have different standards of  “clean.” So, Allison and I spent the first week trying to clean and settle into our place (not what we anticipated we would be doing).

First night at a pub:

London must be small because the first night we went out to a pub with the Syracuse group we met celebrities. Well maybe a Facebook star: Do any of you remember a video that circulated poking fun at how Facebook operates? I love this video it is hilarious! Anyway, I didn’t realize Elliot (the guy who was going along with us to find a flat) is a comedian and part of the group called Idiots of Ants. We were talking to Andy (another member) and him about London and learned they were comedians. Then they mentioned this video and I didn’t believe them at first that  this was them! It was, don’t you remember this video now?


Finally a chance to See London sites:


One week after arriving and living in a hotel for a week we are finally going to venture off to see London. We signed up for a trip with SU to go over to Greenwich Market and to see the Royal Observatory.  This is where the Meridian 0º 0’ 0”; the world-famous Meridian Line is the Prime Meridian of the World, Longitude 0º 0’ 0”, visitors can stand with one foot in the west and one foot in the east. Besides this, the market was really a  treat after eating food prepared by the hotel and junk food. Lastly, it was our first chance to purchase arts and crafts from the locals. Finally I had a chance to shop!




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