No lions or tigers but Markets..oh my!


This past Sunday, I went on another group trip with the school to explore four local markets (another day of being a marathon tourist). Finally, we were in our neighborhood and it was great to learn more about my area. First stop was the Columbia Road’s flower market where all the flowers were so inexpensive! I couldn’t believe how amazing the flowers were: hydrangeas were 2 for £5 and orchards were only £5, plus there were fig and olive trees and tons more. Wow, with great deals like this it might be worth me taking the slow boat home!  Also, I found an old-fashioned candy shop, there were old styles of candy and little brown tags hung off with the prices. It is only opened on Saturday and Sunday. I asked the owner if it would be possible to bring a model back sometime during the week to have a fashion shoot and he said yes! I need to search for a model and an outfit for her!  Yeah!!



Brick Lane

Next stop, Brick Lane. This was  a unique place that had some arts and crafts with a World Food Market. Any type of  food in the world you could imagine, you could find here;you really need to come hungry! Plus, the outside road was hip and trendy with a younger crowd. I took one photo of two young adults for my photo class to represent the word intimacy (we had five words we had to take photos for this week: intimacy, progress, reality, enough and hope).



Spitalfields Market

Down the road, we found the third martket, Spitalfields. Hello Markets! This was the place to shop, lots of local artists and vendors. The only problem with being a marathon tourist is that we only had 40 minutes to shop! There were two rooms filled with vendors selling clothes, jewelry, artwork, crafts and lots of other trinkets. I bought a handmade leather wallet, handmade sterling silver earrings and an old school camera to add to my collection (not bad given the time limit).

Petticoat Market

The last stop was Petticoat Market, which is right around the corner from my flat. This is a market for dirt cheap clothes and souvenirs. Lastly, on our way to all these markets there were interesting graffiti/artwork. Take a look at a few of the images seen along the journey.




Oh yeah, after going to all the markets there was still time to see a fire garden and fireworks!




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One Response to No lions or tigers but Markets..oh my!

  1. Jenny Swigoda says:

    Hey! I was just thinking about you yesterday! How is London?! I am so jealous, London is such a beautiful and vibrant city! How is school going? You only have a year left, right? I hope everything is going well! Keep in touch!

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