Oceanside in Great Britain

Stepping Stones

Last weekend, I visited The Royal Pavilion in Brighton (the photo above is a combination of about 30 images). It was an amazing day! I had no idea what this area was like or what we would see on the trip. This palace was one of the most extraordinary buildings I have ever seen! It belonged to King George IV and was built around the 1700’s (finished 1820s). It was unique inside due to the oriental decor! The banquet room took my  breath away: the amount of details was extraordinary and the center chandelier held by a dragon was amazing! The chandelier weighs 1 ton ! Bright was located 2 hours away from London, near the North Atlantic Ocean. The promenade along the beach has shops, cafes, art shops and tons of excellent seafood. I would love to re-visit this area and explore more of the ocean aspect. Also, there were tons of shops and places to eat throughout the town.

Stepping Stones

Oh yeah, I had a lunch time serenade from these gentlemen. The story is that they are local street performers who come together to play on a side street where there is outside seating for local restaurants.

Stepping Stones

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