Bury Farm

Okay, for this class assignment we all picked end of the tube lines and we had to go out and find a story. My end of the tube stop was Edgware.  The first time going out to explore my area I didn’t see anything other than little local shops and a mall. Then I met up with a group from the Rotary Club the following week and a man drove me to this farm. As soon as I saw the breathing taking view, I almost instantly jumped out of the car! I didn’t even know exactly were I was or how I would find my way back to the tube.  I quickly thanked the man who drove me to this location and then found the owner of the farm. She agreed that I could come back during the middle of the week to start my story. I visited the farm three times in total and these are my photos from Bury Farm.  Btw, the farm was about a mile away from the tube stop and this meant I could take a bus only part of the way and the rest had to be walked.  Of course the part that needed to be walked was up hill and wasn’t fun carrying all my gear. It really made me miss my car but it also gave me a new appreciation for life in London.

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One Response to Bury Farm

  1. Love the ‘end of the line’ pics on the farm. This is so typical of the instant suburbia you get out here! Anyone would think you were in Wales – except for the pylons I expect! I’m sure there’s a whole story on horsey people here! Really like the pic of woman with the dogs, very natural, and the three women talking together – inspired Jessica!

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