Miss Dark meets Mr. Night


This was a fashion shoot at a cemetery here in London. I joined a London Photo and Graphics group who meet on the weekend for different shoots. I have gone twice now and it is a great place to meet new people who share my love of photography! This shoot was about being creative and trying to make it feel as if  Miss “Loves hanging in the cemetery” meets Mr “Lost among the graveyards.” Imagine an encounter between them, him trying to escape, her trying to keep him there forever!

It was a great day working with amazing models who came well prepared in amazing outfits. However, our day was cut short when the police showed up and made us leave the cemetery. Every day is a new adventure in London! Here are a few of my shots, enjoy! I was so excited about today and couldn’t wait to post a few of these images; I will post more after I photoshop a few. Oh yeah, I had two of the models pose with the police car after we were asked to leave!

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One Response to Miss Dark meets Mr. Night

  1. Jenny Swigoda says:

    Hey! It’s been a while! How are things in London? I’m so jealous! I am thinking about applying to grad schools for next year, I need change! My job is really starting to get to me, I wrote a story a month ago that has yet to be published, my photos are constantly being cropped and sometimes are not used at all…Anyway, I’m venting..Send me an email at some point!!

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