New photo story in the works!

 When most Londoners are either settling down for bed or already sleeping, for others, it is time to begin their day; this is true at Smithfield Meat Market. Everything begins and ends very early; the market opens at 4:00 am and closes at 10:00 am weekdays. However, the process of unloading meat starts around midnight or a few hours before. The purpose of the market is to supply inner city butchers, shops and restaurants with meat for the coming day. About 120,000 tons of meat product passes through about 42 meat traders located within the market.

I plan to create a photographic story documenting one of the only remaining great London markets, Smithfield Meat Market, by focusing on one of the meat traders, Greg Lawrence Wholesale Meat Co. Ltd. Smithfield Meat Market opened in the early 10th century and has operated for over 800 years. It is the main meat market in London and the largest in the world covering about 10 acres of land. 

What do you think?





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One Response to New photo story in the works!

  1. JameyPrice says:

    I think you have a really unique story to follow. And the photos look great. The lighting on the guy in the second one down is great. Cant wait to see what else you shoot for this!

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