Red Light District

Dating back to the 14th Century when sailors arrived in need of some female company, the district is full of sex shops, brothels, gay bars, cinemas, hotels and different kinds of museums. This infamous part of the city is a major tourist attraction. Each year, millions of visitors come to see this vibrant and exciting part of Amsterdam.

Word to the wise…be careful taking photos in this area. I didn’t do any researching beforehand and afterwards realize I was extremely lucky to have not been chased! Or to have had my camera smashed! I guess sometimes pimps come out and smash people’s cameras. I am trying to find laws for taking photos in Amsterdam. I am on a public sidewalk and if the girls don’t want to photographed then maybe they shouldn’t stand in the windows. Anyone else have any thoughts? I was yelled at and even one place shut their lights off! Crazy! 

How interesting swans live here too!

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