I think journalism has always been in my blood.

First, this past weekend I had the opportunity to do some freelance work for The Observer-Dispatch. This is a newspaper where I once held a paper route while in high school. Plus, during under grad I walked door-to-door selling the newspapers. Now, since moving back to the area, I have came full circle and started freelancing for them. Who would have thought  one day someone who once delivered the paper now has photos in it?

Also, I have been cleaning out old papers and things from my younger school years. I found one report from the 7th or 8th grade stating from a teacher I held real talent in journalism and was a great people person. Wow, did that teacher hit it on the head; I never realized my career path started that young! I do remember loving that section on journalism and then created a commercial using a video camera. However, in those days there was no Final Cut Pro and we just did it all in the video camera. Anyway, here are a few photos from an assignment from the paper, looking forward to getting out and shooting more for the newspaper.

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