NPPA Multimedia Immersion

This workshop was different from others I have attended in the past. It was more focused on the technical aspect of producing a video rather than a photo story. I attend workshops because I have a desire to learn and to produce better work. Also, workshops help provide inspiration and a networking opportunity. This workshop had a ratio of 2 students to 1 coach which was nice during the editing part to have  one on one time.

My story assignment was to contact the chaplain at Crouse Hospital; like all stories it wasn’t that simple. The chaplain who originally agreed to the story was going to be out of work for the remaining part of the week. It was a little challenging because the man I shot only worked there one day a week, on Wednesday. According to the workshop, shooting time was supposed to start on Thursday. It’s a good thing I wanted to complete my first interview on Wednesday otherwise he would have been unavailable to interview.  I did a pre-interview because I didn’t fully understand what this person did in the spiritual center.

When I did the interview, one of the very last questions I asked brought me to what would be my story. Rev. Wesley Fleming was influenced to get into this profession because of his daughter, who was very sick as a young child. Right there, I knew in order for this story to work I had to get this relationship on tape. I asked him if this was possible and he said yes.

The next morning he almost cancelled with me because his family wasn’t ready to share their story. However, I explained to him they wouldn’t need to be interviewed and that the  story would still focus on him. So, I was allowed into his home after some discussion on what I hoped to accomplish. There were some minor hiccups in this story because the family wasn’t comfortable with being on film. Also, I was only able to film one patient and hoped to spend a few hours at the hospital with the chaplain to get a better sense of how he interacts with them. This didn’t happen.

Anyway, this family was still amazing and they really warmed up to me at the very end. I would love to come back and do another story when they are ready to share other aspects of their life. At he end, the daughter  asked for my phone number and e-mail to stay in touch with me. This is what makes my job magical: the connection between photo subjects and the story created; its an amazing feeling! This is why I love my job and I am constantly reminded of this daily!

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