Hempstead crossing guard dances the kids across the street

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Until Everyone Comes Home: Superstorm Sandy Documentary

Newsday followed six families from the days right after Superstorm Sandy through the one-year anniversary. Newsday Staff (Oct. 29, 2013)

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Sweet Caroline

Soon after she was born, Caroline Serva suffered a condition that required long-term pediatric nursing care. At the age of 3 months, the Sound Beach girl, one of a set of triplets, was moved to a Westchester County medical facility two hours away from her family. For two years, the family, including her three young siblings, traveled regularly to see her. In September, Caroline’s family celebrated her move to Angela’s House, a Stony Brook facility much closer to home.


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Sledding in Bellmore

Children enjoy a day of sledding at Newbridge Road Park, where the summit is close to two stories high and the ride to flat ground is about 50 feet long.

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Long Island aglow with holiday lights

Long Islanders show off their holiday spirit by illuminating and decorating their houses and yards during the holidays.

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Flying with Team Oracle


Team Oracle aerobatic pilot Sean Tucker takes Newsday’s Meghan Glynn under his wing as she learns about loops, rolls and other stunts that spectators will see at the Bethpage Air Show at Jones Beach.

I got a chance to fly in a chaser to plane to capture stills and video. It was an amazing day and hope to go up again soon. I was suppose to have gone with the National Guard too but the weather never cooperated. I guess there is always next year’s Bethpage Air Show!

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Yankees salute Army

The Yankees went up the Hudson River to West Point and played the Black Knights, who were as humbled as Bombers, being in each others presence. After a tour of the campus, the Yankees won the exhibition, 10-5. Videojournalist: Jessica Rotkiewicz (March 30, 2013)


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